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If ever I could, then the time is now.  So, here I am.

Hi, I’m Emily.  I’m a TwentySomething who is just figuring things out.  (Who isn’t, right? That’s what I’m learning, too.)  I’m a dedicated coffee addict that the 1950’s would hate.  Let’s just say that I struggle with most things domestic.  But I can make a mean dessert.  I have a love affair with my ipod repeat button that helps me get through left-over teen angst and all these in between times.  (Boy, are there a lot more than I ever anticipated.)  But “the soul needs storm and fire and dizziness,” right?  I’ll answer that – Absolutely.

I’ve earned a few degrees; I suppose this puts me in the “young professional” category.  Capitol buildings give me a rush, but I try to leave my work high heels out of this space.  That doesn’t mean I won’t talk about the age old question, “What color is your parachute?” but that’s more of a hooded sweatshirt conversation.  Hooded sweatshirts – the core of where goals begin and what is important.  Most of my high heel endeavors have started from something I did wearing a hooded sweatshirt.  And, yes, my love for hooded sweatshirts is on par with my love for coffee.  Together they spawn my love/hate relationship with crazybusy.

I have a few things to say about the twentysomething single life; however, I believe that “wherever you are, it is your friends who make your world.”  I have a lot more to say about that.  Sometimes I’m here to crawl back into that moment in time, sometimes I’m here for release.   I’m a textbook INFJ, but I think it is important to live out loud – this is my place to do that.  Welcome.

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