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Tumblr Tuesday: “Never Date a Writer”

July 27, 2010

Oh, Tuesdays… I think you need some extra attention.  You get squished between the newness of (disgust for?) Mondays and the anticipation for the close of Wednesdays (weekend is almost officially here!).  Thursdays rolls into Fridays, and we all know everyone loves the weekends (even if your weekend falls midweek, it still counts for weekend-love, right?).  Tuesdays, you don’t really get your time to shine.  So, Tuesdays, here is an extra little pat on the back for you, a little squeeze on the shoulder, even a hug, if you’d like. It’s Tumblr Tuesday! (Kinda like my own personal take on the official Tumblr Tuesday.)

My tumblr kind of looks like the bottom of my closet when I was in high school, or maybe even last year… (No comment, Nicole!)  It’s all of my favorite things, my pretty things, my edgy things, things I want to save, things I want someone else to say “oooo, love that!” all collected into one place with not a lot of order.  But I love it to the bottom of my heels (that means a I love it a lot), and I thought I would take some time each Tuesday to share with you my favorite post from the past week.

This Tuesday, I want to share this post:

It is a link to a piece entitled “Never Date a Writer” on RedBubble, written by Alex, and first posted to tumblr by 52 Hearts.  Whoa, lots of links, I know, but isn’t it cool how Quality content can spread over the internet?  And this is Quality.  It’s about relationships.  And writing.  More specifically about the end of a relationship and about the way writing says more than verbal conversations. But that description doesn’t even do this piece justice – it’s a hundred times better written than my description.  Which is why it is my first Tumblr Tuesday.

Check it out, I’d love to hear what you think!


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