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Cappuccino Brownie

March 16, 2009

Today is the type of day where I had to have my delicious, rich, heavenly, cappuccino brownie before dinner. I intended to have only a bite, just to take the edge off – my edge, not the brownie – and accidentally ate the entire thing. oops. Oh, but it was so heavenly, so relaxing, yet euphoric. Of course, now I am sitting with a Whole Foods take-out-box of shepard’s pie in my lap less than halfway finished. I knew this would be the consequence when I took that second and third bite of the savory, sweet, chocolate love (otherwise known as a Whole Foods cappuccino brownie), but by the time the fork met my lips for the fourth and fifth time, I was a goner. There was just no turning back. It was worth it. For about thirteen blissful bites, I forgot entirely that I have a midterm, a paper, a presentation, and so many other things due in less than 48 hrs, and I melted away with the espresso chocolate in my mouth. Mmmmm… if I could only go back to those thirteen bites….

Later, I will be finishing the shepard’s pie (so no worries those of you who are concerned that I consume too much sugar and not enough protein), drinking coffee and snacking on edamame. Who knows, maybe I will come back here raving about my late night snack, but I’m pretty sure that not even the coffee will meet the bliss of that cappuccino brownie…

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