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Snow Day Lost

February 20, 2009

Snow falling behind her so quickly that it comes across the television screen as thin white lines. Car headlights few and far between, slowly move down the one lane highway, the other lanes covered in snow. Despite the camera worthy smile, it is clear her teeth chatter, and she can’t wait to get back into the van.

We’re please with our snow day plan and the decision to implement it. Cars safely parked off-street in snow ban compliance (another indication of a certain snow day), text books left unopened, homework assignments incomplete, sweatpants packed in preparation for a day of sorting through principles, definitions, black letter law. We will drink pots of coffee to compensate for our disregard of an appropriate bedtime. We are in no hurry to sleep – grogginess is acceptable during study days in ways that the socratic method does not permit. We check the “stormline” before finally heading to bed – the scratchy voices offers no new information, we’ll have to wait for morning confirmation.

Only, we never get it. I wake up to the sound the rain hitting the windows and the news that “all classes, events and activities will be held as scheduled.” ugh. Tired eyes, quick shower, hooded sweatshirt, drained body, unprepared mess, I drag myself to school. Grateful for delicious travel mug coffee, a bulky warm hooded sweatshirt, and a friend who also grumbles but goes. Three degrees colder, and we would have had our snow day.

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