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February 16, 2009

I’ve developed a slight obsession with The Pioneer Woman. I, the d.c-bound-can’t-wait-to-put-on-a-pair-of- black-heels-and-sip-wine-at-an-art-gallery-opening-after-spending-the-day-in-a-suit-and-deep-red-heels, have a soft spot in my heart for tractor wheels. Ms. PW lives on a beautiful cattle ranch, homeschools her four children, concocts dinner dishes for the ultimate carnivore, grows beautiful gardens, and tackles home improvement projects with more spitza than Bob Vila. I, on the other hand, had to give my plants to my mom, because they kept wilting on me. I guess you have to water them. Oops. I’m an accidental vegetarian; I’m terrified of undercooked meat, hardly capable of using my oven or stove (where exactly do you cook meat?), and hate the feel of raw meat slithering up my fingers. Eck. I have a “room of one’s own,” but I don’t think it is quite what Virginia Woolf meant. I tend to adore the people I live with (most days), but I can’t wait for a “bathroom of one’s own” or a “kitchen of one’s own.” Home improvement projects are not at the top of my to-do-list. I wish law school had a homeschool option, but other than that, I’m not really into homeschool brilliance. So what is it about Ms. PW that keeps me signing into my blog just to see if she has updated hers?

She doesn’t think she has all the answers. She laughs at herself. She loves her life. –It could be that simple.

Yes, I’m drawn to the fact that she is madly in love with her husband, Marlboro Man. In fact, she would probably wouldn’t mind being referred to as Mrs. MM rather than Ms. PW. I’m going to stick with Ms. PW, however, because I’m an incredibly single twenty-something independent, and I appreciate Ms. PW for personality and not her marriage to Mr. MM. That being said, she radiates the joy that comes from a partnership grounded in love, butterflies, sparks and fireworks; how could anybody not be drawn to that? Yes, I’m drawn to the gorgeous views on her cattle ranch. I can almost inhale the fresh air and watch my perspectives change. The reviving powers of rural life – I thrive in it. I love her trampoline. I love the pictures she takes of people on the trampoline. I love the pictures she takes. I love all of these things, but I don’t think these are what keep me coming back to her blog.

I keep coming back, because of the simple. She finds the worth, the humor, the love, the joy in the everyday.

Do I want a life on a cattle ranch with four children, a cowboy husband, fields of wild horses, and a barrel full of calf nuts? Probably not. Although, I have spent a considerable amount of of time wondering if my slight obsession with her means I should re-think a city life and a suit-required career. Probably not. Do I want a life with an appreciation for the simple, a lot of humor, more questions than answers, love, joy, and a trampoline? Absolutely. I’m not ready to trade in black heels for tractor wheels. At least not yet…

[links to The Pioneer Woman blog under “For The Love of Blogs”]

Update: Apparently, I am not the only one slightly obsessed with Pioneer Woman – Time named her one of the Top 25 Blogs 2009.

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