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Another List

February 8, 2009

I really do like lists. However, I promise that this blog will not become a compilation of the many lists in my life. (Although, that is a neat idea…) This is the 25 Random Things About Me list that everybody is posting on facebook. I love, love, love reading everybody’s lists, but I can’t bring myself to post mine on my facebook page. The reasons why I hesitate could probably be covered in no less than three hours of analyzing with my girlfriends, so I won’t try to go into it here – but I will post my list here.

1. I love fried green tomatoes, but I’ve only had them once, and I can’t remember when it was or who made them for me.
2. The Kogod Courtyard is one of my favorite places to spend an afternoon with a cup of coffee and a pen in hand.
3. I have an extremely high tolerance for sugar and probably eat more candy than most people you know.
4. I can’t wait for Midnight Sun.
5. I hate to clean. Unless something is bothering me, then I clean compulsively and excessively.
6. Going to William Smith was the best decision I ever made, going to law school was the best mistake I ever made.
7. I am fantastic at living in small spaces.
8. I want Stacey London’s wardrobe.
9. The year I spent in “Rural State” as an AmeriCorps VISTA was one of the hardest, most rewarding, and most worthwhile experiences I have ever had. It has become a core portion of who I am.
10. I have given some serious thought to becoming a truck driver.
11. I slept through the entirety of Red Dragon and the remake of Chainsaw Massacre (which we saw in the theater). This sleeping-through-movies-habit is part of the reason why I have probably not seen most of your favorite movies.
12. I could write pages about the amazing people in my life. I am trying not to reference anybody in this simply because there are too many important things to say about so many people that there is not enough time or room. That being said, I have amazing people in my life.
13. I learned to drive on a standard car, took my driving test on a standard, and have now driven a standard for about 10 years.
14. I love the hws bank of Seneca Lake, especially on a clear night.
15. I once taught a course called “LifeSkills” to middle schoolers. But I learned more from them than they ever learned from me.
16. I have an infatuation with capitol buildings and the work that goes on in them.
17. I’ve never been to Alabama, but when my cellphone is on “ring,” the tune is “Sweet Home Alabama.” (And has been for years.)
18. Oh, I could tell you stories…
19. Pandora’s avant garde jazz station and a cup of coffee make Sunday afternoon homework tolerable.
20. Currently in my bag (aka purse), I have my keys, cell phone, wallet, LLBean slippers, and a Research Design text book. Normal, right?
21. I have had 18 roommates since I graduated high school, and I think that every single one of them would agree on at least one thing – I am never home.
22. I spent a semester in L.A. learning how much I hated the inner workings of the entertainment industry, a lot about myself, and not much of anything else.
23. I’m not “well traveled,” but I hope to be someday.
24. I love to read, but I can’t find the time to read during the semester without cutting into precious sleeping time. Blogs almost fill my cravings and allow me to sleep.
25. There was a time in my life when I could rotate my own tires, change my own oil, and predict an appropriate play during a football game. That time has passed.

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