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Two Thousand Nine Begins…

January 1, 2009

I usually make my new year resolutions in March. It works so much better for my inner calendar. While the rest of the world contemplates the best steps for self-improvement on January 1, I spend most of my January on a nice break from reality. I eat home-cooked meals made by somebody other than myself (usually a two-step improvement from my daily diet); sleep at least two, if not three, times more than usual; watch more television than the rest of the year combined (usually in the form of marathons); and spend time with friends and family that too often wonder whether or not I have lost their phone number. Expending energy on anything other than eating, sleeping, visiting, and watching mindless television just doesn’t happen. When March rolls around I’m finally in a place to make resolutions, and expend the energy necessary to attempt holding on to them for the certain whirlwind of the next ten months.

This year I have decided to come out from under the pile of Christmas cookies and turn off the John and Kate Plus 8 marathon long enough to make some resolutions. “Renew some resolutions” is perhaps a more appropriate phrase to use. I did not do such a fantastic job of meeting any of the resolutions I made last year – although I’m not particularly worried about it; I met many more important personal goals in the past year. As a product of getting older (I think), my internal calendar has started to work on January to December framework rather than a September to August framework, despite my never-ending full-time student status. It finally feels natural to make resolutions on January first. So, without further ado, my new year resolutions:

Resolution #1: Write in the blog I created years ago. At the rate I am going, I will be thirty-something before I have two consecutive posts within six months of each other. Must write more in the new year.

Resolution #2: Take more photos. My favorite photos taken by others are of simple, everyday life. I don’t have (or want) a lot of glamour in my life, so I shouldn’t wait for it to appear before pulling out my camera.

Resolution #3: Invest in healthy habits. Oh you know, the usual, eat better, exercise more, stop drinking so much coffee. I can’t even type that last statement with a straight face. With the help of a close friend, my infatuation with coffee has become a sincere love affair that I’m not willing to part with anytime in the near future. I will have to stick with eating better and exercising more – I have high hopes for these!

We’ll start with those, and perhaps re-visit them in March… Happy New Year to you and yours!

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